How Much Time Am I Expected to Put Into SEO to See Results?

SEO may be a complicated and deep-rooted process, which gives rise to conceptions like it takes as long as a year to begin seeing effects of your SEO practices reflected on rankings. This isn’t exactly correct, as a good provider could get the job done a lot faster. In several cases, it may take a few months, but in certain scenarios, the effect could be instant.

What Matters?

Every site has a completely different target audience. This niche is what affects the viewership the most, and is the deciding factor as to whether your site is an instant hit, or is gradually popular. Also, more common target demographics would mean there are more options for them in the form of similar sites with better ranks. All of this contributes in the final ranking. Consult SEO Utah Guide for more details.

Several SEO providers have hence tried to embellish these facts and lure clients to sign longer contracts with them. Here are the factors you should keep in mind, which determine how long it could take SEO to begin working on your site.

Age and Authority

These go hand in hand. While age simply means how long the site has been around, authority measures the repute of the site. In general, Google prefers sites which have been on the cyberspace longer, as they are considered more trustworthy. Good domain authority can be established by having good quality content across several pages, and establishing references to your site from other relevant, reputed sites.

SEO Audit

SEO Work

Another important factor is whether any optimization has ever been done on your site, which would mean it has a decent rank already, allowing you to build on its good reputation rather than to start from scratch. You will then be able to tweak the already present SEO rather than employ a whole new tactic and wait for it to render results.


As mentioned earlier, ranks are relative. You’re only as good as the person just above you. If there are tons of more reputed, older websites with a good deal of content and a solid SEO strategy, it will take a lot more time, and a tad more investment to eventually outrank them. Learn more by browsing through recent’s post on SEO companies.

Starting from Scratch- How Long Could It Take?

On-Site Tuning

The first step is obviously setting up the website and optimizing or tuning it do develop and implement a SEO strategy.

Security: There are several tune-ups needed in this area, which any trustworthy company will be willing to perform. These are usually one-time fixes in nature. Installing these could take anywhere between 12 and 40 hours, and depends on the site and amount of content on the site. This obviously does not include the time for creating and designing the website.

Content Development: The content has to be the hero of your site hence you must put maximum time and effort into developing content. The frequency of updating posts is up to you but remember that it is a time-consuming process, ranging from four to forty hours a week.

Monitoring: This is an important aspect, and just involves regular checkups and adjustments. Webmaster tools could help here. Also, it is a good idea to update the sitemap if you’re adding new pages. Again, the time for this is dependent on the size and scale of the site, but will usually never take more than 10 hours.

Off-Site Relationship Building

This is yet another dynamic aspect of SEO which can go a long way in improving the ranks, but has not been very well-defined. Syndication is time-consuming, because building just a few links through friends on social media really won’t get you too far. You will require something substantial, concrete and intensive, and must always keep your eyes and ears open for new syndication and collaboration opportunities. This could take up to twenty hours a week.

Analysis, Statistics and Measurements

You can’t keep pouring in time and money blindly into your site. You must keep checking stats to ensure you’re going in the right direction. Analytics can be done manually, or through free or paid professional tools. In the long run, these statistics and how you act on them will determine how far your site goes. You could check the once a month, once a week, maybe even daily!

Peripheral Strategies

Transcending the basic on-site strategies, there are several practices which can be employed to improve reputation, like advertising, synergizing, spreading the word through goodwill, asking for good local reviews, and active campaigning. The more people talk about your site online, be it on forums, subreddits or other blogs, the more it is going to get noticed.

The Verdict

SEO is grueling. For it to be a rewarding process, you’ll have to give it everything you have. There are agencies that put in over 100 hours a week into single projects, and these are the ones who get you results. Although those statistics are true, they don’t necessarily need to be the model for you to follow. As long as you put in a good deal of productive work on your site from time to time, it doesn’t matter how much you put in. You should be seeing results soon enough.

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