Top Five Salesforce Data Loaders

Salesforce administrators or consultants are chiefly concerned about getting data in as well as out. This requires a great deal of expertise and skill though. However, the best news is that Salesforce is providing you with a number of diverse data loaders that usually have unique features and applications. They are suitable for different ways of uploading and exporting your environment.

It would obviously be unfair if you name one as the best data loader because each one has its own unique characteristics and suited to individual requirements. You need to choose a data loader as per your experience, your specific requirements and the exact ease of use desired by you.

Initially Salesforce CRM actually had only two ways of loading your data namely the Salesforce data loader and the wizards. Currently however, there is absolutely no dearth of ways for getting your data in.  Each application has its own merits and demerits. Here are some of the top performing data loaders as per my choice.

Data Loaders

Salesforce Data Loader

Salesforce data loader is absolutely useful and regarded as the software staple for all data administrators as well as consultants. It is generally known as the Apex Data Loader. The application is actually installed on the computer and is effective for interacting with your data in quite a few ways. This allows for inserting, updating, deleting, exporting and even upserting.

Upserting is all about updating or upgrading existing records and also, inserting new records. This is able to insert more than 50,000 records up to 5 million. It is adept at saving field mappings so that they may be used in future without having to choose the fields for mapping each time. The export attribute actually proves to be quite useful and aids you in the application of filters for exporting precise bits of data. It is not able to insert into BusinessHours. Browse through for more information.

Data Import Wizard 

Data Import Wizard is definitely a unified, updated and upgraded version of the separate Import Wizards. It is known to unify each and every distinct wizard that has been useful in importing data right into Salesforce. This is effective in guiding you every step of the way while importing data directly into your company.  This application is pretty easy to use and is tremendously self-explanatory.

Remember that this is an import wizard and therefore, only allows importing data, but not deleting or exporting it. Data Import Wizard performs almost the same task as the existing import wizards, but flaunts a truly upgraded User Interface. This makes it far more intuitive and user-friendly. This upgraded and unified version of the separate import wizard is much easier to use, smarter and definitely slicker. However, it is still restricted to handling data import only.


This is actually the Mac-compatible version of Salesforce Data Loader or Apex Data Loader. This is however, not supported by Salesforce. It however, has mostly the same functionality. This software has not presented any noticeable limitations as of now.

Jitterbit Data Loader

This is definitely one of the most effective and acclaimed Salesforce data loaders. This is pretty efficient in uploading, manipulation and integration of all critical Salesforce data. It is capable of connecting to multiple databases as well as web services. It comes up with a wonderfully seamless environment for efficient project data management. This is available in primarily two versions including Cloud-based and advanced desktop versions. This boasts of multiple features though it is not very user-friendly. 

This fantastic application had been developed by MuleSoft, a Salesforce partner. is basically cloud-based and is easily accessible using relevant Salesforce credentials. This demonstrates an intuitive, quick and clean process of data integration as well as manipulation. This is pretty popular as it can not only export or import or delete data, is also able to schedule future operations. is known for being tremendously user-friendly. That is why it is currently in the lead on AppExchange.

Author bio: Jennifer Smith is an experienced Salesforce trainer. She suggests readers to visit sites such as for more information.

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