Video: Facebook renews its search engine and optimizes your app

Facebook pleasantly surprised improving its search engine, including publications and optimizing your application, which solves performance errors. Know all the news in the following article.


Facebook renews its search engine, which only showed us pages, groups, places and people, we now also show the publications.

This system is named Search FYI, who find in their opinion the best results and suggestions on what you type in the search box. This content will be selected from information sources, from our friends and groups to which they belong.

Shoot for the Spanish language was not specified so far; however, in the English version it is now available from the Web version for iOS and Android. greater importance will be given to the media, also the most popular Internet discussions and their respective dates of publication.

By having this type of filter, Facebook will indicate public opinion on certain issues and why these discussions began. Similarly, the network will indicate the popularity of shared links and have the same activity. We can learn more from the official website of the search Facebook.

Video of the new search engine Facebook

Facebook improved the performance of its App


Many users around the world reported that the batteries in your iPhone and iPads are consumed quickly and see in iOS settings were surprised that  Facebook was the application consuming sometimes to more than 80% of the battery.

It was the very noticeable lack of optimization of the application and why Facebook decided to update your app.

One of the engineers in Facebook, Ari Grant, explained that this failure was due to a “CPU Spin”, which means that some processes were active searching for answers even though the user does not interact with the application.

A problem also encountered due to audio in the background or background. Apple allows applications to remain active audio so they are in the background and Facebook took advantage of this to play audio from your videos; however, generating unnecessary battery consumption because the videos do not look if the application is not active and in the foreground.

Many users expect that Google will soon do the same with Google Chrome because its battery consumption today is excessive.

Source: Facebook

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