Google autonomous car care for children

Google tells us about the progress and tests carried out in their autonomous cars to be especially careful in an environment where there are children around their vehicles.

Google autonomous car care for children

The responsibility often makes driving a car is not so fun because we pay attention to everything around us: hurry drivers, traffic lights, signs of the police, the crosswalk, crossing pet, the bikes They come quickly and we must be especially attentive to the children playing .

Children, just because of its size are hard to see; if we add to that old energy and become totally unpredictable to walk the streets, this is where the Google technology comes to the rescue.

We all know that Google is developing its autonomous car, but this time from Mountain View are especially careful with children, in fact, published his neighbors collaborated with their children dressed for Halloween, for cars to study their movement patterns to be especially careful. What is even more surprising is that the system works  even if the children are disguised .

When our sensors detect costumed children-or not-in the vicinity, our software Understands That They May behave differently. Children’s Movements can be more unpredictable . “

Free translation:

Our sensors to detect children, even disguised, through software uses different criteria because a child’s behavior is unpredictable . “

Google gave no further details about his method for detection; however, these advances can check its commitment to constantly improve its pedestrian detection system.

All this happens a few days to learn about the system Autopilot Tesla . In addition, recently it released a video where you can see a Tesla vehicle to avoid a collision with this technology.

Video where Tesla avoid a collision by automatically braking

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