Google is considering Android, Chrome OS, and a third hybrid OS

It is expected that in the coming months Google presents a unified version of Chrome OS and Android. Learn more about this “Android PC” and the reasons for Google.

When Google launched in 2009 its operating system Chrome OS wanted to be a real alternative to the online work and mobility, where the browser Chrome is the core of everything; however, this system was not completely successful.Google is considering Android, Chrome OS, and a third hybrid OS

The Wall Street Journal recently said that Google plans to join two systems: Chrome OS and Android; this union would have the main protagonist Android and Chrome OS only bring its highlights.

All indications are that in the event Google I / O next year 2016 will see a version Beta This new unified system and is expected to be made the official launch in 2017.

Thus, Android would have its own version for computers. Microsoft for its part says it will continue with the convergence, making Windows 10 is a unified both mobile and desktop and Google would try to do the same system.

This decision not only part of the convergence of mobile and desktop but also the high market share that has Android on mobile and low market share in the field of computers with only 3% of it.

Finally, materialize this operation, as users would have a higher gain because what we buy for our mobile with Android, would also be available for our tablet, TV and computer with the same operating system.

Video: A tour of Chrome OS

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