The first OLED TV screen roller

The prototype LG will present at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to be held in the United States in January next year.

LG sent us the following official information:

LG Electronics presented at the technology fair IFA Berlin 2015 the first OLED TVs with 4K and HDR technology in the world and announced it will present the first OLED screen roll in the next CES 2016 to be held in January.

This 60-inch TV and 2 millimeters thick can be rolled up for transport it in a suitcase in a more convenient and simple way. Thus, users can take anywhere and connect where needed.

OLED TV screen

The prototype panel has a resolution of 1200 x 810, and can be a roll of 3 cm radius without affecting the operation of the display.

While it is still a prototype, LG expects to achieve Ultra HD resolution in its rollable displays. If the technology gets a green light to go into production probably will be marketed before 2020.

“We invest a million dollar figure in developing this unique screen because we want to give the public greater comfort with the best image resolution,” said Injun Koo, Director of LG TVs Peru.

Certainly, this type of display could have a large number of applications, as well as they, were included in the new TV company, LG is studying its use in signs, fashion shops to simulate as you would clothes customers or as a new support for displaying advertising.

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