Do’s and Dont’s of Maintaining HP Laptop Batteries

HP laptops have always been known for delivering stellar performance not only in terms of giving a great user experience but also for their amazing battery life. However, people often complain that their battery performance dwindles in the long run, this essentially happens because of non maintenance or improper maintenance of the battery. No matter, at whichever HP laptop price you buy, the life cycle of the battery is about 200 to 500 charge cycles. One charge cycle begins with charging your laptop to its maximum capacity and then letting it discharge completely. The variation in the number of charge cycles the laptop offers you, greatly depends on how well you maintain your battery. If you want to keep your battery up and running for a long time, the following tips will greatly help you:


  • Don’t leave your laptop battery in places where the temperature is extremely hot or cold. Also, ensure that direct exposure to sunlight and excessive dirt and dust can cause severe damage to your battery and reduce its longevity.
  • If you compare the HP laptop price list with other brands you can easily figure out that the prices of the  HP laptops are not only affordable but also promise stellar performance. You would surely want to keep your battery preserved by not using the laptop in extreme cold condition because when you return to the normal room temperature condition, moisture would form inside the battery and it would spoil the circuit boards.
  • While using your laptop make sure that you plug in the power before the battery drains off completely. This is because when you do this often it takes a lot out of the battery to charge from zero and it turn can reduce the durability of the battery.
  • Avoid leaving the battery on charging for a prolonged period. When you keep the battery in the charging state constantly will significantly reduce the lifespan of the battery.

HP Laptop Batteries


  • Once in every two months, make sure that you calibrate the laptop.
  • Reduce the hard drive activities and make sure that you clean the hard drive space by defragmenting the drive once in a while (ideally about every 30-40 days)
  • Every now and then disable the startup items on your laptop because these items consume a lot of virtual memory and it adds greatly to the CPU load, which in turn drains the battery
  • If you are using a laptop that has a removable battery, make sure that you remove it from the laptop if you are not going to use the device any time soon. This will have a significant impact on increasing the battery durability
  • If you are using heavy graphics programs like Photo Shop make sure that you close the program soon after usage or when not in use, because these programs tend to drain the battery faster
  • Another simple step to improve the battery life of your laptop is to put the device in the hibernation mode if you don’t intend to use it for a while.

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