Global Telemetry Market Scenario in Aerospace and Defense

Because of their unique characteristics the aerospace and defense sectors are one of the biggest users of remote telemetry systems. Virtually all data pertaining to the operation of the sophisticated equipment deployed in extremely challenging conditions is collected and transmitted with the assistance of remote telemetry systems. The continued necessity for integrated solutions drives the market for telemetry and it is no small wonder that the aerospace and defense sector alone touched a remarkable $17.01 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach $18.53 billion in the next five years, growing at rate of 1.73% annually.

Emerging Markets to Become More Important

Across the entire defense sector, awarding of contracts has been led by the formation of joint ventures. It is expected that till 2016, austerity measures in the United Kingdom as well as the United States will result in defense budgets being slashed. Since virtually all the main market players in the telemetry sector are situated in these two countries they now need to focus their attention on the potential of emerging economies for their products. These countries include ones that are developing very fast such as India, Brazil, Australia, and Israel. All these countries are extremely cost-sensitive and the markets will follow the trend of transitioning towards low-cost but efficient telemetry systems.

How Telemetry Will Be Used?

According to research conducted by Mobile Telemetry LLC, the use of telemetry systems will become increasingly innovative. While a substantial amount of purchases will still be directed to service data collection in conventional applications such as industry, geographical and zoological measurement and tracking, there will be an increasing application of telemetry in sectors hitherto untouched. The mining industry for example is poised to make use of remote telemetry in a number of ways that range from geophysical mapping to mining and extraction of minerals.

It is expected that the telemetry market in Africa will see a boom of sorts due to this. The North American market is expected to see increased interest in air-borne applications as more and more data is expected to be collected with the assistance of drones and UAVs. The Asia-Pacific region that has taken to telemetry more recently than the American and European markets is expected to see robust growth across all segments.

Radio Telemetry to Dominate the Future

The future of mobile telemetry is expected to be dominated by radio telemetry with increased use of satellite communication that employs RF communication platforms. Simultaneously an increase in demand for sensors, mobility solutions and UAVs is expected. Another key growth area will be hardware for spacecraft besides computers that are not only faster and more efficient, but also environment-resistant and less expensive; made possible with rapid advancements in technology. As direct fallout, the defense sector can expect telemetry equipment and systems to be less expensive.

Mapping and Navigation to Be Thrust Areas

Telemetry is also expected to play a dominant role in the preparation of digital maps that allow vehicle position visualizations. Remote telemetry solutions are already playing an important role in Fleet Communication System (FCS), and this is expected to pick up significant speed. China’s Compass program envisages a huge telemetry operation as it expands ‘Beidou’, currently a regional navigation system to a global one. Compass proposes to deploy 30 orbiting satellites and five in geo-stationary orbits around the Earth making use of very high-end telemetry technology that is expected to provide lots of opportunities for vendors.

Other areas of focus around the world include connectivity platform integration to deliver a seamless environment for users to access data in real-time. Telemetry intelligence will continue to rapidly progress and find use in a vast number of application, including satellite navigation, and laser-guided weaponries.

Author bio: Helen Eastin is a senior market researcher at Mobile Telemetry LLC, a leading telemetry solutions-provider.

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