The Most Common Misconceptions Harbored by Instagram Users

Among the fastest growing social networks on the cyberspace, Instagram ranks very well, having amassed over 400 million users in just a few years. It combines the ease of a simple scroll-and-click app with the entire social experience, and works absolutely fantastically. The app is visual media-centric; it focuses solely on pictures and videos. Users are presented with a host of filters and other editing options to edit the image before publishing it.

This simple-enough premise has now formed the backbone of millions of marketing firms, artists, photographers, travelers and celebrities’ social lives. However, there are certain fallacious inhibitions and ideas which arise in users’ minds, which hold them back from using the app to its full potential. These misconceptions, once cleared, will allow you to make the most of Instagram and understand its true power.

The Most Common Misconceptions Harbored by Instagram Users

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Just another Network?

Possibly the worst mistake a digital marketer could make is to consider Instagram to be just another social option which they need not include in their strategy, as they have already launched Facebook and(or) Twitter campaigns. This is a cardinal mistake, as a well-planned and well-implemented Instagram promotion strategy could in fact bring you dividends much faster than other platforms. Features like hashtags and @ mentions boost brand visibility, and look very appealing thanks to shared visual aids.

Only Visual Products Work on Instagram

Yet another wrong line of thought. While Instagram is designed to be a visual medium, it doesn’t mean that only funky, flashy or visual products can be promoted there. This just poses a creative challenge to the advertising department of your firm, as to how they can highlight the products or services that you offer. If you’re hiring, it’s a great idea to post pictures of your workspace, your teams and employees to show potential applicants the sort of work ethic and atmosphere you offer.

It is Impossible to Track or Manage the Success of Instagram Campaigns

This too is completely wrong. While Instagram doesn’t come with built-in advanced metrics for the sake of simplicity, there are multiple applications and services designed specifically for this exact purpose, like SumAll, Iconosquare, Simply Measured and Nitrogram. Furthermore, you can automate and increase the productivity of your business’ Instagram account by using a service called IFTTT.

Instagram Isn’t Interactive

On the contrary, it is a highly interactive medium. While you may think that the strict only picture or video rule holds you back, the truth is that it only opens newer avenues for you to explore, like creating a new hashtag campaign for your company or a product line, or asking customers to post their pictures using your new product. This active marketing strategy goes a long way in attracting fans and also shows how much you care about them.

Instagram Is Only for the Big Boys

A lot of companies are apprehensive or reluctant to launch a marketing campaign on Instagram because they think that only the big, established companies can be successful in this sort of a campaign. This is completely untrue, as proven by several startups over the years. All you need is a product or service, a USP, and the creative ability and passion to market it. With some referrals and a good deal of dedication, you’ll be able to get followers on Instagram and have your profile up and running in no time.

Instagram Is Only Effective If You Have Tons of Followers

Again, this is a very unhealthy approach to social marketing and does not hold true for any network, definitely not Instagram. You should focus more about the quality of the posts themselves and the community that you intend to build. If you have five thousand dedicated, faithful followers, you’re actually doing a better job than a competitor who has ten thousand followers who may have just clicked the “follow” button casually or as a favor.

Now that most of the common errors in judgment have been clarified, you can click away and go back to enjoying Instagram!

Author: Patrick Jameson is a blogger and SMM guru, who has worked tirelessly as a consultant and marketer in several projects. He has recently taken to writing a number of tutorial posts on how to get followers on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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