Google Voice – Things To Know

Google is trying out another experimental web-app google voice. With google voice, we can manage all our contacts at one place with customized call blocking, screening, conference etc. The service is totally free of charge and is available only through invites, which you can get at the google voice about page. Although, it has not started off yet, it is due in a short time, so keep a close watch.

Google voice

Google voice

Some quick facts before you sign-up :

  • The service is based on VoIP.
  • Presently(and maybe forever), it is available in the US .
  • This service can manage calls, depending on your area and time of the day. So when you are out partying at night, you can set your home phone not to ring and route that call to your cellphone instead.
  • You can also block annoying advertisement calls.
  • You can also switch call mid-line.
  • All settings can be managed through the website.
  • There are apps available for iphone, android and blackberry phones.

With all these features managable personally through a single preference page, the service should be a hit right off the shelf.

The only thing, wish something like this was available for out country! For more click here

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