Seesmic Twitter Client From The Browser

Seesmic, specializing in adobe air applications has recently brought out a new browser based twitter client. The client has a gmail like look and has all the basic features of any twitter client with some advanced UI enhancements here and there.

Seesmic Preview

Seesmic Preview

The interface units of interest are:

The Sidebar :

It includes a sidebar which shows profile details for the person selected. also, in the sidebar itself, another tab gives the updates from that profile. Following/unfollowing is included on the sidebar profile viewer as well. Apart from that, we have a profile view option on hover through a person. All in all, this is the best twitter browser client.

The main area :

The main area can contain window panels showing tweets, mentions and messages. The windows can be arranged and maximized within the area. There is support for threaded reply and retweet as well.

The Search :

Search gives a new window with the search results and also allows us to save the search for future reference. Click here for more reviews.

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