Solid Cactus Wants To Be Your Partner In the eCommerce Business

No matter how busy you might be, there simply is no down time if you want to run a thriving Internet based business. Your consumers want to contact you at a time that is convenient to them, not you. If you do not want them to go to a competitor, you want to ensure that you are accessible as possible on a 24/7 basis. You want to provide that personal connection that consumers can resonate with. To simply have a great website is not enough if visitors cannot speak to a live person and get the answers that they want. This is why Solid Cactus was created. As a call service provider they specialize in partnering with you in the ecommerce business. They are your voice and your representative during those times that you simply cannot be available.
A Virtual Office That Evolves With Your Business

There are a variety of technological tools at your disposal today. From email to remote payment processors, there has never before been such an easily and accessible way to conduct business form almost anywhere on the planet. At the same time, these resources must be properly managed. Solid Cactus is able to provide clients with a virtual office solution that organizes and captures many of the essential daily operations that today’s ecommerce business is faced with. This includes the ability to resolve issues with credit cards that have been decline, contact drop shipping companies to get your product underway to the customer, and manage all of your incoming email. This streamlines the operations of your business so that you can focus on actual customer service issues.

Call Center Services Offer That Personal Touch

In addition to a virtual office, engaging the services of a call center representative gives you that always connected presence that your customers desire. This will increase your sales, and will also provide an opportunity to upsell a product or service to your customers as well. These are features that do not typically take place with the simple website functionality associated with most ecommerce sites today. It is also possible to provide on going training to customer service staff in order to meet the changing needs of your organization. This is a way to stay relevant and on top of any changes in the market.

You will also want to consider the benefits of an answering service to provide that personal connection to your customers, even when you are not physically available to speak to them. Solid Cactus can provide you with a personal receptionist that can take messages, screen your calls, and relay any important messages to you. With all of these features, you might find it difficult to decide which are best suited for your particular company. You can contact them to get a free consultation and discuss your particular business and let them advise on what services should work best for you.

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