Yahoo Search Pad

Yahoo has attempted a comeback in the search market with it’s search application Yahoo! Search Pad. The Yahoo! Search Pad is an answer to google’s Google Squared service which helps us do an on page search-research.

Yahoo! Search Pad

Yahoo! Search Pad

With both the search applications, we can research out search results to get a final compiled result. I did a crude layman’s review of Google Squared earlier.

But, the Yahoo! Search Pad is a lot different and actually has a lot of good features on offer. With Search Pad, you can share your search result with further searches on the same topic. Also, your search results can be saved as notes to your account. Being user driven, it is an attempt to humanize search as the search results delivered to you are generated from other successful results and so on. Also, the links and results are displayed in a sorted order, and this desired sorted order is calculated from the links you click on.

As seen in this image from searchengineland, the results are stored as noted with thumbnails and can be edited on the fly.

For more details and help on using the new application, head over to  the yahoosearch blog. Visit for more tech tips.

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