Apple prepares a revamped lineup of devices: MacBook Air with USB-C and 5K monitors

It seems that Apple wants to resume the pace of renovation of several of its devices saw its last renovation in 2015, as the case of the iMac and MacBook Air range, in addition to the known external monitors as Thunderbolt Display five years ago are not renewed. This comes thanks to the known Mark Gurman is presenting new information that points to a new and comprehensive update to multiple devices of the company.

The editor of Bloomberg also mentioned that Apple is already working on new exclusive features for the iPad Pro family, which would be focused on extending the capabilities “professionals” of the Apple tablet.

With all this, we have a broader view of what plans the company has for its other products outside the iPhone.

Apple prepares a revamped lineup of devices MacBook Air with USB-C and 5K monitorsThe fastest and most powerful Mac family

According Gurman, Apple plans to launch a complete renovation to the Mac range, which would include a new MacBook Air with USB Type C port, making it adapt to what we have seen in the MacBook which was thought would be replace the family Air but apparently not well and MacBook Air prepare their triumphant return.

On the other hand, it is rumored to the iMac range will come with the new Intel processor family, which is supposed to be announced in the coming days, as well as new AMD graphics. For MacBook Pro here have seen several rumors and everything stays the same, where a new OLED touch strip will premiere at the top of the keyboard shortcuts that rely on what we have enabled on the desktop.

The renewal of the Mac range will not be presented during the next Apple keynote on September 7 , but is expected to arrive at the end of this month or at the latest in October , where still there is no defined if there will be event or They will launch from one day to another as has happened in previous occasions.

New Thunderbolt Display 5K manufactured by LG

Another device is updated as finally by Gurman, the external monitor is Apple, which when released in 2011 was known as Cinema Display and in 2011 change to Thunderbolt Display. A few months ago appeared the first rumors of renewal but now it seems that finally is coming.

The new Thunderbolt Display would be made by the division of LG screens and come with support for resolution 5K, so catch up with what we have in the iMac 5K several months ago. Another innovation would be the integration of its own GPU, which would be something that many people have asked for several years.

iPad Pro more “professional”

Finally, Gurman tells us that Apple is looking for ways that your iPad Pro attract a more professional audience following its strategy of selling it as a computer. These improvements come either as an upgrade to iOS 10 in 2017 or a new version of OS would come in the autumn of 2017.

These developments discussing improvements to Apple Pencil to activate screen functions and export text and images between applications with drag objects. Besides this, it is expected that by 2017 we have the renewal of the iPad Pro family would have new display technology for a softer approach, as well as new lateral and vertical displacement.

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