Arrive “Kaby Lake” more life for 14nm Intel and video performance for 4K

After some tracks that have been circulating since last year, finally Intel has revealed the first official data on Kaby Lake, the seventh generation of their Core processors with the focus point position (among other things) to improve performance when playing videos 4K including recorded at 360 degrees. For Intel, the important thing is that these videos become mainstream without implying slow computers.

Achin Bhowmik, vice president and general manager of group of perceptual computing Intel, was the one who told us some details at IDF 2016 San Francisco: a transistor level, the Kaby Lake have a processing performance 12% higher than its predecessors.

Arrive Kaby Lake more life for 14nm Intel and video performance for 4KLess consumption, more power, more flexibility

Its power consumption (TDP) is 4.5 W in low – power versions, a good drop compared to the 18W Core needed by the first generation, whose yield was ten times smaller. These data imply, according Bhowmik, that all those who use a PC now five years old would notice a 170% increase in performance overall (4K video codec HEVC exported 8.6 times faster, and games run three times better).

Kaby Lake also focuses on to be able to run on multiple computer configurations: from this month of September will be available in more than 100 types of machines (ultrabooks, convertibles, desktop …), then move “hundreds of designs more” in January reaching type computers workstation and integrating with the Intel iris Graphics.

The native support of Thunderbolt will be another great asset of this seventh generation of Intel Core processors that allow this connection to be included more in the convertible computers and given more pitch. This may notice it before and nothing in the next renewal of the portable range of Intel, which most likely will lead these integrated processors.

However, we have a generation of notebooks that aims to apply more power to the architecture of 14 nanometer, so there is no hurry to introduce processors 10 nanometers and the new formats HD video can be played with fewer problems performance on machines such as convertibles and ultra portables. For more visit

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