Fitbit Charge 2 is the renewal of successful HR Charge, larger screen OLED and heart rate sensor

It has been hard to get but the bracelet physical activity Charge HR was just updated with a new model. The product Fitbit is for many the best quantifier market, by design, a variety of functions, and the ability to measure our heart rate.

Along with Flex, which also is renewed, these watches are the main reason that the American brand dominates the market of quantifiers. Fitbit is the need to devise to claim the attention of all users who already have, and seek new customers with this model and interesting news.

Fitbit Charge 2 is the renewal of successful HR Charge, larger screen OLED and heart rate sensorThe first is that it has a larger OLED screen, much as four times the size of the original model, a penalty that cannot yet operate by touch.

Having a larger screen helps us better see the information – different ways to watch – but also opens the door to new way of presenting the options in submenus have steps, heart, exercise options, chronometer and “relax”. How to move around them is a physical button.

Robbing the GPS info to mobile

There is an option they call “connected to GPS” that associates the phone we have with the bracelet, giving information about where we are, getting the recording of information is more accurate. This information will serve to mount GPS maps on the Fitbit application.

Comment that Reflex is a way that opens a session of guided breathing, looking for a relaxation to soothe the body after exercise. They are actually deep breathing sessions related to heart level we have at that time.

It also calls our attention the SmartTrack function, can automatically recognize the exercise we are doing: walking, running, elliptical, etc. We also have different modes of use as activity tracking for specific training.

There is not much information on the technology used in the sensors, or at least know if they are the same as in Charge HR. Fitbit talks about what’s in there is its proprietary technology PurePulse, which has had some criticism from users – when used at a very demanding level – and that is even tucked into judgments about this issue.

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