Fitbit Flex 2 thinner, submersible and accessories for all tastes

The second road of wearables Flex range has been quite a wait. In 2013 analyzed the Fitbit Flex, the proposal quantizer brand bracelet be created to rival Jawbone Up and Nike Fuelband. Fitbit now presents the second generation, the Fitbit Flex 2. What’s New?

What is keeping the initial idea concerned a bracelet without display to which the chip is mounted quantifier, while other have changed the design a bit this time being 30% thinner. Also with LED display, the goal is to be a wearable that we do not take us for anything and acting both registration activity as animator for us to move.

Fitbit Flex 2 thinner, submersible and accessories for all tastesRenovating and adding an alarm designed to move

Although smartwatches and sensors are condolences the ground, manufacturers are betting on tracking wearables renewing their products. In this case Fitbit today introduced two bracelets renewals, as with the Flex 2 also saw the second generation of Charge, the Charge 2, which itself mounts an OLED screen.

The Flex 2 is somewhat simpler and, as did its predecessor, is responsible for monitoring our activity in principle automatically records the different types of this (* SmartTrack *). The battery lasts as Fitbit, of five days (the first Flex lasted us ten, although it is thinner), and LEDs indicate one – touch on where we are the target of daily activity

As in the rest of wearables, records both activities themselves as the dream for both activities dry and for swimming , the Flex 2 notifies (with vibration and color codes) when we receive a message (SMS) or a call, and also we sends notices for us to move 250 steps, the style of the Misfit Ray.

Fitbit Flex 2, price and availability

Something that also shares with this product Misfit is the possibility to engage various accessories, so we can wear it as a necklace or choose other styles. These and chip bracelet and you are available on the web for 99.95 dollars in four different colors (black, blue, pink and lavender).

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