The Elite is the clone HacBook economic Hackintosh Apple will veto unmercifully

That it is not a lark. That is what must have thought responsible for the HacBook Elite, based on macOS having a portable essential problem: not blessed by Apple, because Apple can only make macOS based laptops.

The team has some resemblance to the MacBook outside of the old school, but it is clearly cruder model, something we can excuse when we realized we could have a pretty decent clone MacBook for $ 329.

The Elite is the clone HacBook economic Hackintosh Apple will veto unmercifullyA clone macbook probably never see the light

The HacBook Elite has no Retina display, and indeed the resolution of your 14 -inch screen is 1600 x 900 pixels. We also have a Core i5 but the Sandy Bridge family, up to 8 GB of RAM, up to 1TB of SSD storage option -there but more face- and 802.11n WiFi connectivity.

These specifications are certainly not those of a top-end team, but if someone is looking for a laptop with macOS working equally well the system works on a computer, or that Apple is the promise- will be difficult we find it for less than that $ 329.

In fact we believe it will be impossible, because it is virtually impossible for Apple not attack frontally with his army of lawyers to this project will probably stay in a story. It reminds us of that project in this regard Psystar began 8 years ago, and managed to survive for 18 months.

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