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How to Learn Basic Video Game Tips and Tricks

These days it seems that being good at video games is just as important as being able to read in some circles – sometimes even more important. Indeed, gaming has become so ubiquitous that...

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Change gameboot in PSP

Additionally, we know that before begins of the game a standard animation play on the PSP. However, it can be changed by installing another boot screen. By doing this, a gamer can further customize...

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GTA V Casino: How a DLC Could Change the Industry

Whenever DLC (downloadable content) speculation hits the online airwaves it often causes a state of mild hysteria among gaming fans. The latest news filtering through about Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has done exactly that....

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Rumors about upcoming GTA 6 GamePlay and release date

GTA 6 are going to be the same as the past variations of the most extremely common game franchise of all time, overwhelmingly common. In which recognition is continuing to grow a whole lot...

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ASUS Strix 2.0 headphones for gaming platform

Asus has just announced the new Strix 2.0 multiplatform gaming headset compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, smartphones and tablets. This is a high quality product using large transducers 60 mm for powerful bass that...

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Far Cry 4 Analysis

This analysis of ‘Far Cry 4’ was meant to talk about how Ubisoft has simply take the formula of the previous game and improve it slightly, discuss if the jump from one edition to...

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How to Take Advantage of the Mobile Gaming Evolution

Owing to the switch from desktop computers to the use of mobile devices for both office work and internet surfing, the mobile gaming world has received an explosive growth. This growth has been exponential...

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High Tech Tennis Shirt debuts at the US Open

Ball boys working at this year’s US Open were handed an exciting boost as it was announced that Ralph Lauren would be handing their new biometric smart shirt to a select few for the...

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Having fun online

The World Wide Web can be used to enjoy hundreds of online games that are listed on the multiple websites. The online players who would like to spend quality time on the internet to...

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Nvidia Shield 2 closer than ever

The vast majority of us know that is a very versatile Android operating system and extending in different areas. Among them, the consoles, there are several that comprise it, and one of which is...

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Max Payne 3: Releases Soon

Max Payne is a BAFTA award winning third-person shooter video game developed by Finnish Remedy Entertainment, produced by 3D Realms and published by Gathering of Developers in July 2001 for Windows. Max Payne is heavily influenced by the...

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Mafia Wars Rival: Agency Covert Ops

The Agency: Covert Ops is a spy-themed massively multiplayer online shooter. It is being developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment studios in Seattle for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3.