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Google Voice – Things To Know

Google is trying out another experimental web-app google voice. With google voice, we can manage all our contacts at one place with customized call blocking, screening, conference etc. The service is totally free of...

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Redefine The Look Of Google Services

Google has a plethora of services to go with, ranging from services for webmasters, general mail services, social networking and something for everyone who visits the internet. But sometimes we are bored of using...

Google autonomous car care for children 0

Google autonomous car care for children

Google tells us about the progress and tests carried out in their autonomous cars to be especially careful in an environment where there are children around their vehicles. The responsibility often makes driving a...

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Nexus 6

Finally, the rumors have been confirmed and Google has reiterated its commitment to a curious way, and discreet, to present the new range of Nexus and Android L, which is this time called Lollipop....

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Nexus 9

Google has not left the Nexus 6 and has been accompanied by a new tablet model that focuses on a size which we consider more appropriate now that phablets are already too close to...

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Discover Google Android L

Although until the fall months will not be released officially, Google has presented at a conference for its next operating system developers L. This offer Android developments regarding safety and design and introduce some...

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Google`s Goggle Gets an Update With Text Translations

Google had introduced a new Goggle application a few days back, which uses pictures to search the web. At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) at Barcelona, Google had also shown the demos of its...

Google Mail in UK is Now Gmail Officially 0

Google Mail in UK is Now Gmail Officially

Earlier this week, Google had posted an update today according to which, the Google Mails service available in the UK will be officially rechristened to Gmail.