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Youtube Is Experimenting 3D Videos 0

Youtube Is Experimenting 3D Videos

YouTube is experimenting 3-D videos. With a new Stereoscopic player developed to view the videos, the experimental feature is sure drawing a lot of attention.

Android 0

Increase the capacity of your Android

One of the most common problems in the Android phone users usually storage capacity. We tell you how you can increase it. While almost all of terminals have a microSD external card reader, the...

Understanding the Latest Television Terms 0

Understanding the Latest Television Terms

Are you looking to purchase the latest television set? You did your research and now the information overload has probably made your head spin. Those hundreds of tech terms are hard to get your...

dislike 0

Facebook button include ‘Dislike’

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, relieved that the company is working on the implementation of the button ‘Dislike’ and are very close to testing. Rumors that Facebook had been preparing the inclusion of the button...

Nintendo 0

Nintendo has a new president

Tatsumi Kimishima will be the new president of Nintendo. After the death of Satoru Iwata, the video game company has announced that Kimishima take office from tomorrow.

Tripod stands 0

Tripod stands for your phone

With individuals using cameras with all of them the time in their mobile phone, it’s very important to consider different accessories to use with those cameras, for example, a tripod. Yes, believe it or...

Capturing the Flag 0

China Lifts 14-Year Ban on Games Consoles

China; known for an authoritarian government, rapidly changing society and booming economy, the once-red state has bucked all expectations and has released its iron grip on the video gaming industry, lifting a fifteen-year ban...

How to Get Your Complaint Heard 0

How to Get Your Complaint Heard

It can be very difficult to get your complaint about a large organisation heard and even harder to get a resolution to your problem, but there are some steps to take that make it...